My@ App Details

After a user signs up on the My@ application for the merchant account, they will need to complete the To Do List after successfully signing in on the app.  The merchant will need to complete the To Do List before they will be allowed to publish items to the My@ Network. 

My@ categorizes merchants as either verified or unverified.

  • Verified merchants are vendors that the My@ team has confirmed to be a legitimate business owner/entrepreneur and not here to scam the system.  Verified merchants will receive direct transactions to their wallet after a purchase is made to their store.
  • Unverified merchants are vendors that have not yet developed a relationship on the My@ platform and are new to the network. Unfortunately for security purposes there will be a waiting period before a vendor can submit a request to become a certified merchant.  Unverified merchants will receive payments to their wallet for any purchases after the product is confirmed delivered.

The merchant application is very simple interface that displays to the merchant the store information and profile photos that is presented to customers that navigate to their store.

After a new merchant signs in they will be required to complete the STRIPE application for the (3rd party payment vendor), shipping information, and confirm identity before any of their store items are published to the public, all of this is simply done through the My@ application.

On the Merchant Dashboard a user will be able to monitor their revenue from sales and export a report to their email for their accounting purposes.

The Merchant Dashboard provides simple analytics for the user to manage all their orders from purchase to completion.

Merchants will be able to apply discount offers for multiple items on their store managing sale opportunities based on dates the user can set.

Merchants will be able monitor and respond to messages sent by customers through the chat module and receive notifications on all incoming orders.

Merchants can add as many products as they wish on to their store and are given multiple options to assist their customers in choosing the right product for their needs.  Verified merchants can find their products listed within the 1st 100 items of the homepage.


On the customer view page, they will be able to access the multiple catalogs of products from numerous merchants from all over.  My@’s main mission is promoting and advertising the quality and authenticity of local crafts and brands by minority-owned businesses. Users can personalize their homepage by filtering products to their search criteria, to always be presented the products they want/need at every sign in.

After a purchase, customers can rate and review their experience with a store which will be displayed to the My@ network.  Rates and reviews can be powerful tools that can make or break a store so with great power comes great responsibility.

Customers will be able to send direct chats to the merchants in the event they have any questions or concerns on the items presented on their store.

The My@Favorites page provides customers a view of saved Merchants and Products that they can return to anytime.

Once a customer makes a purchase on My@, a notification is sent to the vendor to process the order.  Once shipped, the merchant will provide a tracking number through the application which will then be sent to the customer so they can monitor the progress until their item arrives.

The My@ application is integrating with Shopify for the ease of managing their products from the Shopify interface.  These users will be able to sync products and update data from the 

Shopify interface and see inventory reflected when a sale is made from the My@ platform.

All transactions will be processed through Stripe’s payment platform, current accounts would just have to sign in with their user account and new users will have to create a new account.  A Stripe account is necessary so My@ can deposit funds to a merchant from any sale.  Stripe will allow Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH Direct Debit. 

Our Features

Merchant Categories
Verified or Unverified
Purchase Fees
Stripe Payment Platform
Merchant Dashboard
Manage Users & Orders
Direct Chats
24/7 Customer Support
Vendor Alerts
Merchant is Notified on Orders
Amazing Design
Promoting & Advertising
Advanced Features
Monitor the Status
Customer Service
Simply Refunds

Frequently Asking Questions

Shipping will be managed by the Merchant in aspect of boxing the items and preparing for pickup. Merchants have the option of selecting DHL, UPS, USPS, or FedEx to ship products to customers and that selected carrier will pick up the product.  ShipEngine will provide tracking information to the My@ applciation and shipping labels to Merchants when ready for delivery.  Merchants will have the option of dropping off deliveries to their local carrier location.  Return labels can be requested through the My@ application if needed. 

Merchants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing.

Merchants are responsible to fulfill and ship their own inventory.

Merchants are required to provide a valid warehouse pickup address to provide proper estimated shipping to customers and proper pickup location for shipping.



Merchants are not required to accept returns or offer any refunds for their products, but they are required to state this on their products and store profile page. Each merchant is responsible for their policy regarding refunds, exchanges and/or returns.

Make sure before making a purchase to review the Return/Refund policy posted on the Merchants page.

If the Merchant is willing to accept the return, make sure you settle all details of the return through chat on the My@ application.
• Where you should send the return
• What time frame do I have to return the item(s)
• Who will be responsible for the cost of returning the item(s)
• What shipping method to use


If the seller does not allow refunds or returns, you may be able to open a support case with My@Support only if you either you did not receive your order or if your order is not what was described on the My@ application.


If a customer has an issue with an order then they should reach out to the Merchant if their order was not received, not what was described, or simply requesting refund and/or return.

If a customer needs My@ to intervene for a resolution, then the customer can open a case with My@Support. We do recommend customers to work with the Merchant to resolve their issue before opening a ticket with My@Support.


Merchants and customers will be able to download the My@ application from the Apple and Android app store on their mobile device.

My@Web application launches end of Fall!


Anyone can become a merchant on the My@ platform; merchants are listed in 2 categories:
• Verified Merchants are merchants confirmed by the My@ team and are allowed featured item listing and instant deposit on new orders.
• Un-Verified merchants are new merchants on the platform that have not yet submitted a request or qualify to be a verified merchant on the platform.


After an order is submitted, the merchant will process the order and notify the shipping carrier for pickup. When the order is picked up by the shipping carrier, the My@ application will update and display to Customers and Merchants tracking info and updates to the package.  Customers will able to monitor the status of their item by either visiting the shipping vendor website or check the Order status on the My@ application.



My@ only supports shipping within United States. Merchants and Customers will only be allowed to use U.S. address for any shipping information.


You can contact My@Support by either visiting our Contact Us page on our site or you can call and leave a message on our support line (954) 300 – 1620.

For the fastest response please email us at [email protected].


My@Fee to users who makes purchases on the application: 3.9% + $0.30
• My@ application utilizes Stripe payment platform for all payment transactions through the platform. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 on all transactions and My@ adds an additional 1% on all purchases made through the platform.

There is no fee to merchants that sell on the platform.


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