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The Journey


2020 Q4
My@ mobile application project planning
2021 Q2
My@ merchants commercial published
My@ application marketing to the public
2021 Q3
Community back to school bookbag drive
My@ web application development started
2021 Q4
My@ Quality Assurance testing on iOS and Android mobile applications
Community Thanksgiving Turkey drive
Community Xmas Toy drive
Merchant account creation and account uploads to My@ Database started
2022 Q1
My@ Quality Assurance testing on iOS and Android applications (continued)
My@ mobile application deployment to app store pending (iOS & Android)
My@ info commercial pending
2022 Q2
My@ web shopping application Quality Assurance testing pending
My@ web shopping application deployment pending
My@ Update (final build) pending
My@ hosted Pop up shop pending
2022 Q3
Community back to school bookbag drive
My@ hosted Pop up shop pending
2022 Q4
Community Thanksgiving Turkey drive
Community Xmas Toy drive
My@ hosted Pop up shop pending
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The world can typically be described as an amalgamation of diverse people each of whom have conflicting interests as far as doing life is concerned. This is also witnessed in the business environment as entrepreneurs continually strive to identify and thereby maintain their respective market shares, and sales, by defining their unique brand positioning. These different goals and objectives serve to distinguish businesses, creating a competitive landscape in the drive to meet the varying needs of consumers.

Who We Are
Who We Are

01 The Journey

This is where Maat Inc. comes in, unwavering in our commitment to help established business owners, as well as startups, penetrate the market in their particular industries. Our mission is to ensure businesses achieve maximum visibility and optimize their untapped potential by affording them the exposure they desire in addition to the tools and resources they might otherwise not have access to. Through inspiring their progressive journeys and empowering them, we seek to facilitate the individual growth and development of businesses as they expand to take their rightful places within the dynamic business environment.
Our Origin & Roots
Our Origin & Roots

02 Harmonious

The name Maat is derived from an Egyptian Goddess named Maat who is the personification of Truth, Justice, Balance, Harmony, Order, Morality, and Righteousness. These philosophies constitute the foundation of our company which was formed to bring a sense of fairness and harmonious interaction between businesses in an otherwise unfair marketplace where ‘survival is for the fittest’. We continually strive to provide equal opportunities to everyone, and especially to minority business owners and entrepreneurs, by securing their footing both locally and internationally. Our belief is that this will instill a sense of order in how enterprises are being operated through honesty, integrity, truthfulness, respect of others, and professionalism.
The Secret
The Secret

03 Togetherness

To us, the secret to a successful business lies in upholding the highest ethical and moral standards. Guided by the spirit of Maat, these ideals have been instrumental in promoting our vision to create innovative and thoughtful solutions which give our partners an edge. This way, we get to learn what you - as a business - need to remain a step ahead at all times through market and consumer behavior research. By doing all the groundwork, the power of togetherness then takes over as we ensure that you seize all the opportunities that are open to you and make the best out of any situation.
Quality & Innovation Converge
Quality & Innovation Converge

04 Revolutionary

Our latest project has been developing a multivendor marketplace application called My@. This is an e-commerce platform that allows any user to sell their products, and it will be servicing the entire U.S. The goal is to showcase the quality and authenticity of local crafts and brands by minority-owned businesses.

My@ sets the pace for our other revolutionary products and services that are still in the works. We are constantly motivated by the desire to deliver the best product offerings to insure the peace of mind of our every customer.

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    Quality & Innovation Converge

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